March 31: Pub Munch
April 6: Party

These are the dates we have set for our events so far. More detailed information about what each activity may entail is given below, but time and place is only given to Wish’s members (for information about how you who belong to Wish’s target group can become a member, see Membership). Besides the events listed in this schedule, Wish continually participates in events organized by other actors. We also list these occasions in the schedule above and welcome anyone who is interested to participate.

Wish continually organizes MUNCHES, PARTIES and WORKSHOPS/DISCUSSIONS for members.

MUNCH takes place in a pub or a restaurant in Stockholm, where Wish members socialize in a public environment. Since there are people around who are not members of Wish or belong to Wish’s target group, this is not the time to play or to wear one’s most extreme outfit. But it is usually a lot of fun, and we encourage aspiring new members to come to an event like this to sign up for their very first membership in Wish. Here you can meet both old and new members, check out the gorgeous people around the table, and ask all the questions you may have to representatives of the Wish board (we are always in place). In summer time, the munch may turn into a picnic!

Our PARTIES take place in Stockholm, but they can look very different depending on theme and location. Usually around 30-50 Wish members turn up each time, and there are always representatives from the board in place who are responsible for the safety. The parties have a dress code that besides the minimum demand “basic black” (only black clothes) entails classic fetish outfits such as latex, leather, historical clothes, uniforms, extremely masculine/feminine clothes, sport clothes, gloves, high heels, boots, etc. We also welcome the display of much skin (naked is fine), piercings and tattoos, or imaginative clothing such as animal masks, body paint or ball gowns in cellofan! We do not demand, however, that you buy expensive fetish clothes: use your imagination and stretch the boundaries! One can achieve a lot with second hand-clothes, scissors and a sewing machine. Having a dress code is part of our desire to create an intimate atmosphere that make possible the living out of fantasies and dreams in a safe environment, We want it to be a safe haven for anyone who is part of our target group who wants to play, discuss, dance, or just have a beer with like-minded ones.

Every year, Wish arranges at least a couple of WORKSHOPS/DISCUSSIONS. The workshops can for example focus on learning techniques for different kinds of play, and the discussions can be about for example sexual safety, negotiation for play, or how to create an inclusive yet separatist community. These events are sometimes organized on their own, and sometimes in connection to a larger event such as Stockholm Pride festival, or to a Wish party or munch.  

Furthermore, there are Wish sections that revolve around specific activites. More detailed information about the sections is only given to the Wish’s members. Send an email to and we’ll put you in contact with the section that you are interested in!