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About Wish

Wish is a separatist association for anyone who identifies as woman, transgender and/or intersex who lives with their identity on an everyday basis and has an interest in BDSM and fetishism. We organize parties and workshops, and support our members in organizing social events based on particular kinks and interests (at the moment rope, porn, motorcycles and outdoor kink). Every year, Wish arranges an international summer camp on a secret location on Sweden’s west coast, as well as Wish weekend in October. We also typically participate in event such as Stockholm Pride Festival.

Wish had its premiere party on January 29, 2009, but is actually older than that. The association originates in Lash, a club founded in 1995 by a couple of women who lacked a meeting point for likeminded. The change of the name goes hand in hand with a more explicit direction towards BDSM and fetischism.

To be a member of Wish you need to be part of our target group, comply with the association’s rules and be more than 18 years old. Membership costs 150 SEK per year and is attained on spot when visiting one of our events. To learn about the next event, please send an e-mail to

This webpage is updated every six months, just as Wish’s public facebook-page, Club Wish. Wish also has a secret facebook-group which members of Wish can join by adding the facebook-user Katta W.Ish as a friend and then ask to be added to the group in a message. Moreover, Wish has a network at the online community Darkside, Club Wish, which is also up-dated every six month and owned by the Darkside-user ClubWish. If you have any questions you are welcome to e-mail

Rules and Security

To be a member in Wish you need to consent with the rules for our parties. These are:

  • All photography is forbidden.
  • All participation in any kind of activities is completely consensual.
  • The safe word Red is always respected.
  • Visitors must show mutual respect towards each other and not comment or interfere with the activities of others, borrow someone else’s toys without consent, etc.
  • What happens at Wish stays at Wish. Show solidarity with other kinksters – no gossip.
  • Wish has the right to interrupt and abort play that can be considered irresponsible, dangerous, or nonconsensual.
  • Wish has the right to reject people if they are intoxicated, disturbing, or do not act according to the association’s rules. In any such case, a person’s membership can be withdrawn.

We also have our own security policy, which can be found here.