måndag 27 februari 2017

The registration is open for Wish Power Exchange Summer Camp 2017!

Welcome to 2017 years summer camp! It will take place the 17th-23th of July, and will be the eighth summer camp in Sweden for women, transgender and/or intersex people interested in BDSM and fetish! Get ready for a week of exciting play, interesting workshops, engaging discussions, lots of opportunities for skill sharing as well as time for relaxing in the sun together with wonderful and playful queer camp participants.


The camp will take place from Monday the 17th of July to Sunday the 23th of July. To promote a good atmosphere, we would prefer if the participants stayed for the whole duration of the camp. Registrations for shorter time periods will be possible provided there is room, but only in cases when participants plan to arrive on Monday the 17th. This routine is to ensure that the social atmosphere at camp is relaxed and feels safe for all participants, and that all are present at the introduction activities that are planned for the first days of the camp. It is not possible to arrive before Monday the 17th or stay after Sunday the 23th of July.


The camp consists of a small set of houses and buildings on the west coast of Sweden, surrounded by beautiful nature and close to the town of Smögen. It is in walking distance to a picturesque beach perfect for swimming. Directions to the location will be sent upon confirmed booking and completed payment.

Who will be there?

All Wish events are open to women, transgender and/or intersex people living with their identity in everyday life. As previous years, there could be someone from our Wish extended family working on site who is a cis gendered man. He will keep his distance from the events and the camp but will be around if we need assistance, as he provides essential support in regards to the maintenance of the venue. He respects us and our space and we expect attendees to continue to show him that same respect as well.


This year’s fee is 3100 SEK (Swedish kronor), same price as last years, which includes both activities, room and board. The price also includes an annual membership in Wish Stockholm.
If you are willing to help as a kitchen volunteer, we can offer a reduction in the fee. We have limited reduced-rate spots reserved, so please state clearly on your registration if you would like to be considered for this.

Scheduled workshop facilitators will also receive a small reduction in the fee. If you are interested in running a scheduled workshop, please let us know as early as possible.

The living quarters of the camp consists of bedrooms, which usually houses 4 persons. We know that some people who travel together, for example couples, may wish to have a room to themselves. If you state on your form that you prefer your own room, we will do our best to accommodate your wishes. There will be an additional cost of 500 SEK per person associated for doing so. For larger groups who wish to stay together, there is no additional cost, provided we can accommodate you. If you have a wish for sharing room with someone specific, please state so on your form.

How to register

The last day to register for the camp is June 1st. But we advise you to register as soon as possible since the interest for the camp this year has been huge. For registration or if you have any questions, please write to: wishpowerexchange@gmail.com.

Please specify the following very clearly in your booking request:

•    Complete name, as well as the name and the pronoun that you prefer we use on camp and in communication with you.
•    Birth date
•    Address /contact information (including email and phone number)
•    Allergies and dietary needs
•    Wishes regarding sleeping arrangements
•    Need to rent linen
•    Need to rent towels
•    Want to be a workshop presenter
•    Want to be a kitchen volunteer
•    Wish to bring tent, trailer or caravan
After your registration has been confirmed by us, you will have four weeks to pay a booking fee of 1000 SEK to secure your spot at camp. We will not be able to repay the fee due to a cancelled booking. This is because the event is run strictly on a non-profit basis. Payment information will be sent with the confirmation of your booking.

We will strive to meet all dietary requirements, as long as we get all information needed with the registration for all persons included in the booking. Also, please specify clearly how long you would like to stay at the camp if not for the full period. If you want, you can also tell us if this is your first camp or if you have visited WPE Summer Camp before. If this is your first experience with BDSM and fetishism please contact us before you do your registration as we want to make sure that your expectation of the week is met.

The premises

The estate features spacious shower- and bathrooms. On the yard there is a jacuzzi hot tub where you can take a relaxing hot bath during the evenings and nights. Inside the main building there are three playrooms – two big and public spaces with several stations, and one smaller lockable dungeon in the basement with a booking system, in case you prefer more private play. Each space is equipped with all kinds of furniture and equipment for s/m and bondage play, such as a bondage chair, whipping benches, metal poles, St. Andrews’ cross, electric winches in the ceiling and an old fashioned bed. At times there will also be one small intimate cabin, available situated right next to the hot tub.
There is also plenty of open and social areas and a large dining room and of course bedrooms. Since the estate has an enclosed yard, there are also possibilities to play outside – perhaps by a tree? – and weather permitting we will also have furniture and activities planned outside.

Sleeping arrangements

Bedrooms are shared, with 4-6 people in each room. We have room for a few participants to bring their own caravans, trailers or tents, with a small reduction of the fee. All participants are expected to bring their own bed linen and towels. For those who choose it will be possible to rent linen and towels for a fee of 100 SEK. We will also ask you to clean your rooms and participate in cleaning the common areas before departing.


Meals are included in the fee. Breakfast is served from about 8:00-10:00 am, and there will be a light lunch in the middle of the day. "Fika" (coffee and a light snack) will be served in the afternoon. Dinner is served around 7:00 pm and is an occasion when some take the opportunity to dress up, but it is not a requirement. Fruit and snacks will be available throughout the day. We will do our best to accommodate the needs of special diets such as allergies, etc. but you MUST state your needs clearly upon registration or we may not be able to accommodate them.
There will be a small self-service bar available at low costs, supplied with non-alcoholic beverages and candy. There will be other basic beverages available free of charge, for example coffee, tea, milk and juice.


On Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday there will be scheduled introduction activities/workshops/demonstrations/DIY. All the activities will be held in English. If you have any special skill or knowledge that you would like to share, we welcome suggestions for lectures, workshops, and demonstrations of all kinds. We also welcome you to contact us if you are interested in facilitating a scheduled group play. Please write to us at wishpowerexchange@gmail.com. You are also most welcome to arrange spontaneous workshops/skill sharing sessions/role plays/DIY that are not scheduled during the camp.


We ask that everyone familiarize themselves with the rules (and of course follow them). These have been put together to ensure everyone’s safety, security and comfort while at the camp. A list will be sent out with payment information.
Disability access
Unfortunately, the camp may not be well adapted for some people with mobility impairments since it is partly situated on a grass slope. The most parts of the facility have level access (though some bedroom areas and the hot tub have step access, and some doors may be narrow). We do aim to find ways to participate for everyone, so if you have any specific questions regarding accessibility, please do not hesitate to mail us at wishpowerexchange@gmail.com.


The camp is international, and therefore communications will be in English to accommodate all our guests travelling from all over the world. If you require a translation, please let us know and we will do our best to help you.

Internet access

There is a wireless Internet connection. It may however be very weak occasionally, so please note that we cannot ensure a 100 % reliable connection always.


Email your questions or suggestions to: wishpowerexchange@gmail.com. The webpage of the Wish Power Exchange camp is http://wishsummercamp.com/

fredag 3 februari 2017

23 februari - Årsmöte - DIYKink - Fest

Utöver årsmöte för föreningen kl 19-21 har vi bjudit in två personer från vår syskonförening Wish Malmö som gästspelar och håller workshop i DIY KINK! Med hjälp av olika material de har med sig har vi möjlighet att skapa och/eller påbörja våra egna projekt. Kanske har du alltid drömt om att få göra en egen harness? Eller en flogger? Eller sådana där supercoola bojor som du sett i Berlin? Kom och inspireras. Kom och fixa. Kom och häng! Mellan 18-19 är Kinkyverkstaden igång och efter årsmötet kl 21 visar Sabina och Alex mer av sina egenhändigt gjorda alster som kan inspirera till både lek och allvar.

Årsmöteshandlingar kan fås från 9:e februari via mail.

Wish är en förening för kvinnor, transpersoner och intersexuella som lever med någon av dessa identiteter i sitt vardagliga liv, och som har ett intresse för BDSM och fetischism. Det handlar om identitet, så enbart cross-dressing räcker inte för att delta på våra events. Vi arrangerar regelbundet fester, playpartyn och workshops.

Öppettider: 18.00 – 01.00 (Festen börjar 21.00. Insläpp till midnatt)
Entré: 80 kr inklusive garderob. Medlemskap i Wish kostar 100kr/år och tecknas på plats.
Plats: SLM:s klubblokal på Wollmar Yxkullsgatan 18 (garageport, ring på klockan för insläpp).
Åldersgräns: 18 år
Dresscode: www.clubwish.se/p/klubbinfo.html (basic black)
Omklädnad: Separat rum ovanför entrén
Tillgänglighet: trappor ner till lokalen och upp till omklädningsrum. Toaletterna har ej plats för stol/rollator.

Kontakt: wishutskick@gmail.com

fredag 20 januari 2017

Wish Power Exchange summer camp

This year's Summer Camp will take place on 17th-23rd July, at our lovely venue on the west coast of Sweden, close to the town of Smögen. It will be the eighth summer camp for women, trans and intersex people interested in BDSM and fetish. Organized by Club Wish Stockholm, it will be a week of exciting play, interesting workshops, engaging discussions and opportunities for skill sharing. There will also be time for relaxing in the gorgeous Swedish countryside with other wonderful and playful camp participants.

We want to make sure you have the dates in your diary and also let you know that we are on the lookout for experienced workshop leaders to contribute to yet another line-up of interesting, fun, informative and diverse events. So if you have thoughts for sessions you would like to run do let us know!

Our formal invitation with details about registration, our call for volunteers and other important information will be with you soon. But for now, keep the dates free and get in touch with ideas for workshops or activities you would like to run during the camp, along with a little info on your background in your chosen topic.

As well as posting here, updates will be shared via our mailing list. So, if you prefer to get information on the camp by email, sign up for our newsletter buy writing to us at wishpowerexchange@gmail.com.

Looking forward to an amazing week with you all this summer!

/ The wish summer camp crew

lördag 14 januari 2017

Wish Internatskola 26/1

Äntligen är det dags att kicka igång feståret på Club Wish! Utöver vanligt trevligt häng med nya och gamla medlemmar har du också möjlighet att delta i kvällens happening! Välkommen till:

Årets första fest och det är dags att sätta sig i skolbänken igen! Men först kommer du givetvis tilldelas plats i ett av internatens "hus"!
Du kanske vill vara den strikta läraren, den coola eleven, den skräckinjagande mattanten eller den osäkra vikarien? Vi väntar med spänning på vilka upptåg som lärare, elever och skolpersonal kan tänkas hitta på... Under kvällen kommer vi att arrangera en alldeles speciell skolscen där elever, lärare (och alla annan skolpersonal som du kan tänka dig) kommer att ges möjlighet att göra en skolscen i grupp. (Läs mer nedan). 


Lär - känna-varandra övningar

Som brukligt är på skolans första dag kommer vi att organisera aktiviteter för att alla nya och gamla elever och skolpersonal ska få lära känna varandra.

Detta är inget rollspel och alla som vill kan delta. 

Förhandling och genomgång av regler för alla som vill delta i skolscenen

Samling på dansgolvet.
Läs mer nedan. 

21.15 (c:a) 
Den första lektionen börjar

Läs mer nedan

23.00 (ca)
Lektionerna är slut.
Sovsalen öppnar...

Läs mer nedan

SkolscenenScenen planeras i en separat del av klubben avsedd för deltagare och publik. Det kommer att hållas en förhandling och en kort introduktion av rollspelet och säkerhet för alla som deltar. Ett enkelt system för att signalera på vilket sätt du vill delta kommer att finnas. Om du vill vara med i skolscenen så måste du vara med på introduktionen som startar kl 20.45 (vi träffas på dansgolvet) Om du missar introduktionen så kommer du dessvärre inte att kunna delta i scenen men du är välkommen att titta på. Scenen kommer att bestå av lektioner och andra aktiviteter som du gärna får hjälpa oss att förverkliga. Det här är din skola, gjord av dig och vi söker just nu efter ELEVER och PERSONAL. Rollspelet beräknas ta ca 90 minuter, men självklart kan du lämna rollspelet när som helst. 
Vill du vara med? Skicka ett mail med ditt namn och vad du vill göra till wishutskick@gmail.com så kommer skolsekreteraren att kontakta dig med detaljer och svara på frågor. Det här kommer att bli en ganska lättsam och rolig upplevelse, men ju mer vi kan planera i förväg desto bättre. Om du är intresserad av att vara lärare så behöver du höra av dig till oss i god tid. 
Öppettider: 20.00 - 01 (insläpp till midnatt).
Entré: 80 kr. Medlemskap i Wish kostar 100 kr/år och kan tecknas på plats.
Plats: SLMs klubblokal på Wollmar Yxkullsgatan 18, (garageport, ring på ringklockan för inträde). T-bana Mariatorget, uppgång: Mariatorget/Wollmar Yxkullsgatan
Åldersgräns: 18 år. Var beredd att visa giltig legitimation.
Dresscode: Minimum basic black eller klädsel enligt temat. 
Omklädning: Det finns en avskild plats för omklädning ovanför trappan i entrén.
Tillgänglighet: En lång trappa ner till lokalen. Små toaletter som finns halvvägs ner i trappan. Inga trappsteg i själva klubblokalen. Kontakta oss om du behöver hjälp på plats.
Kontakt: Om du har övriga frågor om dresscode eller annat, mejla: wishutskick@gmail.com 

Thursday 26th of January: Wish Boarding School 

The first party of the year will take you back to school! The evening will be themed for classroom antics for teachers and students (and any other school staff or visitors you can imagine). Perhaps you would like to be a strict tutor, sassy student, fearsome chef in the canteen or nervous substitute teacher? Before classes you will be assigned to one of the boarding schools houses, which we hope you will represent well.  During the night we offer you to be part of a school scene (more below).


8.30 PM
Mix - and - mingle

First day at school it's important that new and old students gets to know each other! We will acheive that with some traditional get -to -know each other activities. 

This is not a role play, and the mix- and mingle  is open to everyone. 

Dance floor 

8.45 PM Negotiation and run through of the rules for participants in role play.  

More information below  

Dance floor 

9.15 PM (c:a) 
Start of first class 

More information below 

11.00 PM (ca) 
End of classes.
Dormitories open...

School scene For part of the evening w teachers and students (and any other staff you can imagine) will be given a chance to create a group school roleplay. This will take some organisation so our school secretary is putting together the curriculum right now. The session will be set up in one separate part of the club for players and spectators. There will be negotiation and a brief introduction to roleplay and safety for everyone involved. If you want to be participate in this session you MUST attend this introduction starting c:a 8.45. Anyone missing the introduction will sadly not be able to join. There will be lessons and other activities, which we invite you to help us to put together and bring to life. In short this is your school, made by you! So we are looking for STAFF and STUDENTS!
If you would like to enroll, please email wishutskick@gmail.com with you name and what you would like to do and the School Secretary will be in touch with details and to help you with any questions, ideas of suggestions you might have. This will be lighthearted and fun affair, but the more we can plan in advance the better, especially with those who want to be teachers please!
Hours: 8 PM - 1 AM (entrance open until midnight).
Venue: Club Wish is located at Wollmar Yxkullsgatan 18 (the entrances a garage door, ring the doorbell for entrance), Subway station Mariatorget, exit Mariatorget/Wollmar Yxkullsgatan.
Admission: 80 SEK. You have to be a member of Wish. Membership cost 100 SEK/year and can be registered at the door.
Age limit: You have to be 18 years of age. Identification card is required.
Changing room: Above the stairs that lead down to the club.
Accessibility: Stairs to get to the play spaces. Small toilets, half way up the stairs. No stairs in the actual play space. Contact us if you require assistance. 
Dresscode: Minimum black, but fetishwear and other clothing that fit the atmosphere and theme of the club is appreciated. Read more under "Dresscode" on our website.

onsdag 11 januari 2017

Torsdag 23 februari: Wish årsmöte

Timmarna innan festen i februari är det dags för Wish årsmöte. Årsmötet är alla medlemmars möjlighet att påverka klubbens inriktning. Vi ska välja styrelse för det kommande året och diskutera frågor som är viktiga för föreningen. Under årsmötet kommer vi även presentera vad ni medlemmar uttryckt i medlemsenkäten, och så kommer det bli några roliga överraskningar också! 

Mötet äger rum på klubben på Wollmar Yxkullsgatan 18 kl 19.00, men dörrarna öppnar tidigare, så kom och passa på att ta en fika. Efter mötet drar vi igång fest som vanligt - men mer information om det kommer i februaris nyhetsbrev.

Hållpunkter innan årsmötet:

26 januari – motionsstopp: Är det något som inte står på dagordningen och som du vill att årsmötet ska fatta beslut om? I så fall behöver du skicka in en motion senast den 28 januari. Om du vill bolla dina ideer med styrelsen eller ha hjälp med hur du ska skriva motionen så går det bra att kontakta styrelsen på wishutskick@gmail.com.

9 februari – handlingarna tillgängliga: Om du vill ta del av valberedningens förslag, verksamhetsberättelsen, verksamhetsplanen, propositioner eller motioner och/eller den ekonomiska berättelsen så skickar du ett mail till wishutskick@gmail.com.

Varmt välkomna! 

Thursday 23th of February: Wish Annual General Meeting

Information on januarys party "Wish boarding school" party will be out shortly. But Annual General Meetings needs to be called 6 weeks ahead, so here it is:  

In the hours before the party in February it’s time for the Annual General Meeting (AGM), where we among other things will elect a new board for the upcoming year and discuss priorities for the club in the year ahead. The meeting takes place at the club at Wollmar Yxkullsgatan, the doors opens at 5.30 and PM and the meeting is at 7 PM, but doors open earlier, so join us in time for a "fika"! After the AGM we will host the regular party - but more information on that in the february news letter.

Dates to keep track of:

28th of January – the last day for motions: Is there something that isn’t on the agenda that you want the AGM to make a decision about? In that case you have to send in a motion the latest the 28th of January. If you want do discuss your ideas with the board beforehand or if you want guidance in writing a motion, please contact the board at wishutskick@gmail.com.

11th of February – Documents for the AGM ready: If you would like to read the annual report, working plan, motions, propositions, the election committee’s suggestion and/or the financial report, please send an email to wishutskick@gmail.com.

You are most welcome!