måndag 25 mars 2019

Repsektionen presenterar: Introduktion till japansk-inspirerad bondage 11/4

En särskild kväll för dig som är intresserad av japanskt inspirerad bondage! Den omtyckta bondage-instruktören Saara Rei håller en två timmars workshop (läs mer nedan). Efteråt blir det möjlighet till fri lek för den som vill. För mer erfarna medlemmar går det bra att gå direkt på egen lek efter en introrduktionsrunda - men vi kan inte garantera tillgång till mattor under workshopen. 

Bondage-sektionen välkomnar fler medlemmar, så detta är också en kväll för dig som vill se till att det finns fler separatistiska rep-event i Stockholm. 

Kvällen kommer vara på svenska och engelska, men vi hjälper varandra med översättningen. 

Anmäl dig till wishutskick@gmail.com senast den 10/4 för ett lägre pris. Mer praktiska detaljer längst ner i mailet!

ENGLISH: A special night for you who are interested in Japense-inspired bondage. The well renowned bondage instructor Saara Rei gives a two hour beginners workshop (please read about it below). After the work shop the floor is open to free play. For more experienced players you are welcome to go straight to free play after the introductory round, but we can't guarantee access to mats during the workshop.

Bondage section are excited to welcome new members, so if you wanna contribute to more separatist rope events in Stockholm, this is a chance to get involved.

The night will be in Swedish and English, and we'll help each other with translations.

Sign up at wishtuskick@gmail.com before 10th of april for a lower price. More Practical details at the bottom of the email.

The best description that can be given of rope bondage is in the form of a poem, as there are no words that can describe the ever-changing experiences and feelings one might encounter during this practice.

"Rope bondage is intimate.
An act of trust, a line of communication, an art, a dance. It is full of desire, release, power, and expression.
With every person, with every interaction, a new formation.
It is physically straining, and mentally rich. It brings forth a vulnerability that cannot be avoided.
Rope bondage can be the mother you have always wanted, or the daemon you have always feared.
It can offer a place of peace and salvation, and suffering.
And joy. And beauty. And togetherness.
There is no space for thought, only reaction.
A moment feeling free of time.
A sudden lust, a sudden death.
An overwhelming articulation of what was there.
Between you.
Before it was over."

With that, you are invited in learning the basics of Japanese inspired rope bondage. This workshop is meant for total beginners, and will address:
- Ways of attaching rope to the body
- Wrapping the body
- Basic frictions
- Body handling
- Improvisation with rope
- Simple patterns
- Safety and consent practices
This workshop will be taught by Saara Rei; for more information on Saara, please visit www.saararei.com.

----What to bring----
If you have your own rope, please bring (at least) two ropes of your own. Wish has rope to lend. If you would like to borrow rope, please state that in your email when you sign up.

----What to wear----
Please wear something that is comfortable and easy to move in... that is not too baggy or has too many dangly bits that could easily get stuck in the rope. For the most part, though, you can be tied in anything, really!

If you come to this workshop without a partner, that is totally fine! Please then come with the expectation that you will be switching partners throughout the workshop. Personally, I think it is a good experience to tie with many people when you first start to learn rope bondage, as you can gain a lot of experience and insight tying with many different kinds of bodies, personalities, and connections. Of course, you don't have to tie with anybody you don't want to, and of course if you want to stick with one partner the whole time (who also wants to stick with you the whole time...) then that is also fine too! Just please be respectful of this set up, and remember... we are all going to learn together! So that we can take what we learn to our loved ones after ❤


▼Doors open: 18.00 - 18.30
▼ The evening close c:a 22.00.

▼Medlemsskap/Membership: 100 SEK/ year.
Make sure you have a valid membership at least 4 hours before the event starts.: bit.ly/2p8bV28

▼ Admission: 40 kr if you sign up via wishutskick@gmail.com no later than april tenth. 100 kr on site.


No dress code for this night. See workshop description above.

We’re at SLM's venue at Mariatorget, Wollmar Yxkullsgatan 18. Ring the bell to the left of the big grey door to be let in. The club is in a basement with a long staircase leading down to the venue. Unfortunately there’s no elevator. Half way down to the club you’ll find the toilets and the doors are rather narrow. Inside the club there are no stairs or doorsteps.

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